The Loflin-Anaya Foundation was founded in 2005 by Andrea Loflin Anaya and her husband, Gene Anaya.

One of the earliest foundation activities has been to fund scholarships for birth mothers who had placed their babies for adoption. In 2008 and 2009 the scholarship program was expanded to Native American applicants. The scholarship program is currently under review and re-structuring, but we hope to have it operational again in time for the fall 2013 academic term.

In 200? the foundation began a collaboration with Dr. Erazmus Klutse, District Director Of Health Services in Ghana. Dr. Klutse had identified a need for a medical clinic in the village of Asikuma, about 15km from Dunkwa-on-Ofin, in the Ghana's Central Region. The foundation provided funds and Dr. Klutse oversaw the construction and staffing of the medical clinic. In 200?, a group from the foundation travelled to Ghana for the initiation of the construction project. That ceremony was visited by the Ghanaian Vice President. In 200? another group from the foundation travelled to Ghana for the completion of the clinic. During that celebration, Andrea was made an honary Queen Mother of Asikuma, an honor rarely bestowed up Westerns. In 2009 a third group visited Ghana to see the clinic in operation and to visit a site in Sasieme in the easter Volta region where a second clinic may be built.

One of the challenges the first groups had in their Ghana visit was transportation. It is very expensive to travel in Ghana. So, the LAF has purchased a 15-passenger van and hired a driver/tour guide/translator, Yaw, and offers use of the van and Yaw's services to other NGOs seeking to provide service in Ghana. Many groups have used these services, such as Brigham Young University Nursing students, Eastern Washing University Nuring Students, the World Joy organization and others.

The foundation has also worked with the Utah Foster Care program and provided duffel bags with some basic essentials so that children entering the foster care program have something a little nicer than literally a Hefty garbage bag into which they pack their meager posessions. Gathering the contents and packing the bags has been a recurring service project that the foundation has helped coordinate for those seeking service opportunities, like church groups and Eagle Scouts.

Through A Child's Hope Foundation, the LAF has sponsored groups travelling to several orphanages in Baja California, such as Door of Faith Orphanage and Corazon De Vida. These groups have assisted in construction projects as well as delivered much-needed food, clothing and other supplies.