Sorry, our scholarship program is currently undergoing a review to better focus our efforts and streamline our process. We hope to have it back in operation in time for fall 2013.

Terms of Applying

All applicant information and records maintained by The Loflin-Anaya Foundation Scholarship Fund will be held as confidential. The information that you provide may be classified as private by law. You are not legally required to provide this information, but if the application packet information is incomplete, we will not be able to consider the applicant for a scholarship award.

The information you provide will be made available to our board of directors and officers to allow them to perform their work-related duties.

We will not share your full name or any personal information about you or your family without your written permission. We may share your first name and possibly the school you are attending if we grant you a scholarhip. If your name is fairly unique, we will not share it without your permission.

For security purposes and to ensure that our web-site remains available to all users, we use software to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.