The foundation is currently shuttered. Read below how the IRS ended what could have been a great thing.

The Loflin-Anaya Foundation was a family-founded, family-directed and mostly family-funded grant-making 501(c)3 institution based in Springville, Utah. We hoped to help those in need better themselves through educational and service opportunities; supporting other educational and/or health-based foundations, schools and NGOs in their efforts; and encouraging and facilitating meaningful service opportunities for individuals and families.

Our efforts included:

In 2012, founder Andrea Loflin Anaya was recognized by the Utah county chapter of the American Red Cross as the International Hero of The Year for the foundation's efforts in Ghana.

Unfortunately, in 2012 the IRS decided to audit the foundation. The audit lasted until 2014 at which point we had paid more money to our accountants and attorneys than we had all the funds we had used accomplish everything the foundation had done. The end result of the audit was absolutely nothing, beyone excessive bills. So much so, that we had to shut down the foundation because the ongoing expenses of dealing with the IRS meant that way too much overhead would go to accountants and attorneys and not nearly enough to actually doing any good. You can thank the IRS and its internally-crafted "regulations" for killing this foundation (and countless other foundations that would love to to good in the world).

Click on the images below to see some of the group trips and activities we have sponsored over the years: